Virtual Hangtag Program

The Virtual Hangtag program provides a quick and easy way to enhance your product catalogue or ecommerce website. It’s a content syndication implementation that turns every LYCRA® brand mention on your web page into an engaging active content layer. Consumers learn about the benefits that LYCRA® fiber brings to garments without leaving your website.

Virtual Hangtags are not pop-up ads that web users find so annoying. When visitors to your web page mouse over a LYCRA® brand mention, an unobtrusive hangtag image appears to alert the user to the presence of a link. Only when the consumer decides to click the link does the content layer become active, displaying text, images, and video.

The brief video below demonstrates a Virtual Hangtag in action.

Virtual hangtags are implemented by a one-time insertion of a simple script into your web source code by your web team. There’s no need to implement updates, and The LYCRA Company will inform you whenever the syndicated content is updated.

Ask your The LYCRA Company representative about this simple method for driving preference and conversion for your garments.