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Jul 02, 2015

INVISTA is supporting key weaving and knitting mills specialized in Lingerie and Swimwear whose fabric products demonstrate the range of benefits its LYCRA® BEAUTY, LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, and LYCRA® SPORT fibers bring to these garment categories.

  • Billion Design Fabric

    Comfy embossed effect on knit with LYCRA® fibre by Billon Design AW 2016-17 collection

  • Brugnoli Blend Fabric

    BRUGNOLI Sport Collection, BRUGNOLI-Blend

  • Eurojersey Sensitive Sculpt Light Fabric

    EUROJERSEY Sensitive® Sculpt Light

  • Fein Jersey 80 80124 Fabric

    FEINJERSEY, Double layer composite fabric with the utmost comfort in wear

  • Fein Jersey Fabric

    FEINJERSEY, Double layer composite fabric with the utmost comfort in wear

  • MGCreations with bi-elasticated LYCRA(R) fiber

    Two-way stretch fabric with LYCRA® fibre by MG creations

  • Noyon Leavers Lace

    Leavers lace with LYCRA® fibre by the specialists NOYON, AW 2016-17 collection

  • Codentel Leavers Lace Glamour theme

    Leavers lace with LYCRA® fibre by Codentel from the theme Networks and Glamour theme, AW 2016-17 collection

  • Penn 13104

    Brand new Dreamshape from Penn Textile Solutions, Secrets concept

  • Piavemaitex Tecnogrip Fabric


  • Tissages Perrin Pegasus Fabric

    Lightweight jacquard, Pegasus quality, in polyamide and LYCRA® fibre by Tissages Perrin, AW 2016-17 collection

The scope of innovation is broad – from delicate lace to high-tech two-way stretch.

French specialist D2P Billon has an impressive range of knit constructions on display including plain microfiber, engineered stripes, structured jacquards, lacy looks and 3-D fabric effects – all backed by the consumer appeal of the LYCRA® brand (Lingerie and Swimwear).

Calais® lace maker Codentel goes for glamourous looks that balance tradition with modern design and LYCRA® fiber technology. The French mill’s Winter Collection for 2016-17 emphasizes weaves with bourdon stitching and pre-dyed black yarns (Lingerie).

The ‘Show Time’ themed collection of upmarket intimate apparel specialist Noyon is distinguished by a selection of yarns and stitches in warm, contrasting colours on Calais® Leavers Lace in Lingerie. LYCRA® fibers bring it right up-to-date.

MG Creation is one of the few European specialists in two-way stretch wovens for intimate apparel (Lingerie and Swimwear). This year, its creative blend of 75% polyamide, 2% polyester and 23% LYCRA® fiber brings striking fabrics in uneven candy stripes embellished with gold and silver weft yarns. The enhancing touch of LYCRA® fibers is also evident in its ribbed swimwear fabrics that offer exceptional wearer comfort.

Silk specialist Les Tissages Perrin opts for lightweight fancy with one-way stretch fabrics that mix silk, polyamide and LYCRA® fibers in jacquard constructions and striped and smocking effects.

Adding to its Intimate Apparel and Swimwear expertise, the new Sport Collection of Italian mill Brugnoli includes eight new families of technical fabrics targeting the fast-growing active and performance sportswear sectors. High-tech fiber science at its best offers maximum weather protection, lightness and breathability and reduced muscle fatigue, backed by the consumer strength of the LYCRA® SPORT brand.

Eurojersey is another Italian exhibitor set to attract attention with something new in its Sensitive® fabrics range. Sensitive® Sculpt Light sets the standard in shaping sports and swimwear. A 41% LYCRA® fiber content helps balance exceptional lightness with a perfect, comfortable fit and ultra-soft touch. Sensitive® Sculpt Light fabrics are certified for LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber, LYCRA ® BEAUTY fiber, LYCRA® ENERGIZE fiber and LYCRA® SPORT fiber branding.

Piave Maitex, another of Europe’s leading stretch fabric manufacturers in Lingerie and Swimwear, presents a range of innovations including TECHNOGRIP, a line of anti-slip fabrics that combine smooth, compact outer surfaces with comfortable interior cling. LYCRA® fiber performance benefits adapt these core characteristics to distinctive swimwear, intimate apparel and sports clothing applications with LYCRA® branding certification.

New stretch warp-knit DYNAMIC fabrics from Wegal & Tricotel are exceptionally resistant to abrasion and sand penetration. LYCRA® SPORT fiber gives an added degree of built-in freedom of moment for use in activewear, while LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber and LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber options enhance the mill’s Swimwear and Intimate Apparel fabrics.

German customers exhibiting at Interfilière this year include Penn Textile Solutions which  launches its new Dreamshape Secrets concept – micro-peachskin touch shaping fabrics suited to different garment applications but to discreet ‘tummy flattening’ in particular. Once again, they draw heavily on LYCRA® fiber know-how to set new standards of comfort in a number of end use applications.

Feinjersey, another leading German mill specialising in shapewear, is introducing new double-layer composite fabrics that promise exceptional wearer comfort. Their delicate, fine gauge construction, inner cotton facing, bi-directional stretch characteristics, and LYCRA® BEAUTY branding certification look set to attract attention from high-end brands and retailers.


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