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Fibers to Fabric

Sep 28, 2015

INVISTA marketing representatives have been sharing the aesthetics, textures, blends and functional properties of its “Woven Bottom Concept” collection for autumn-winter 2016 with leading brands and retailers in Europe, the US, Brazil, China and India.

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This unique portfolio included 40 non-denim trouser fabrics developed by INVISTA product and marketing specialists with expert technical assistance. It exploited the innovative possibilities of dualFX® technology and TOUGH MAX™ technology by LYCRA® brand and THERMOLITE® fabrics. 

INVISTA’s access to downstream customers opened the door to joint commercialization. One-on-one meetings across different regions offered product development and design teams working on 2016 collections an opportunity to evaluate a wide range of high-quality cotton, wool, modal, viscose and polyester fabric options.

The meetings showcased the combined talents and experience of INVISTA and consulting textile experts. The overall emphasis was on superior comfort, freedom of movement, shape retention and other distinctive consumer benefits, backed by the shopper appeal of the LYCRA® brand.

Trade feedback on this one-stop sourcing initiative has been very positive. Brands and retailers welcomed the opportunity to review a range of high-quality, innovative fabric solutions in a single customized meeting.