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LYCRA® brand supports Mexican launch

Sep 24, 2015

Ilusion presents new consumer campaign to media in an unusual setting

Illusion Lingerie 

Ilusion has flourished over the last 60 years to become one of Mexico’s best known brands with a strong presence in mid-range apparel and household textiles. It sells through its own stores, other leading retailers, and catalogues.

It is inviting Mexican women to ‘Lead Yourself’ in a stylish new print and TV campaign that emphasizes authenticity and personal discovery (link to YouTube). It launched this brand-boosting initiative to media in July in the unusual setting of a large classic house in Mexico City.

Celebrities mixed with fashionistas and journalists against a backdrop of themed room displays. Models descended the grand staircase to present collection highlights. The freedom and movement attributes of the LYCRA® brand were prominent and fitted the occasion perfectly.

Ilusion is part of the vertically integrated Diltex Group which is a 100% LYCRA® fiber user. INVISTA and Diltex have a long standing product relationship and an increasingly close marketing one. INIVSTA sponsored photoshoot and catwalk presentation of the swimwear and lingerie collections of Fiorentina, another Diltex brand, at Tulum Fashion in December last year.

The INVISTA-Diltex link an excellent example of how vertically integrated partnerships can be powerful business drivers – and of the versatility of the LYCRA® brand to support customer brand portfolios at different levels.


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