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Dec 07, 2015

Art and movement take center stage in an exhibit to showcase LYCRA® fiber with Chinese hosiery brand RIME.

Who knew run resistant technology could be used for customizing your own hosiery? Art and movement took center stage at Shanghai’s fashion landmark K11 for a unique installation as a part of the global LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ campaign.

The installation presented in partnership with RIME, one of China’s leading hosiery brands, was designed to build an emotional connection with consumers while educating them on the functional benefits of the technology. Consumers were invited to interact with kaleidoscope-inspired, custom-built 3D displays and co-create their own hosiery art piece.

The video shows consumers cutting and making holes in the hosiery as a part of a demonstration of Fusion Technology by LYCRA® Brand that prevents hosiery from running. The other technologies on display were the Living Lights technology by LYCRA® brand and the Shaping technology by LYCRA® brand.

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The LYCRA Company Kevin Chen Sales Manager (Legwear) - China Shanghai China