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Nov 12, 2015

For the tights that follow a woman’s every move, it has to be LYCRA® fiber! LYCRA® fiber is proud to be a part of DIM’s latest hosiery innovation and its promotional campaign.
The new Dim AbsoluFlex is designed to solve two consumer pain points: 98% of women reported that their hosiery falls down the leg and creases on the ankle. The Dim AbsoluFlex promises to be the perfect fit that doesn’t ride or crease no matter how much you move. The LYCRA® fiber technology in Dim AbsoluFlex provides a soft, yet firm and secure fit that is easy to get on and comfortable to move in. 
The campaign to support Dim AbsoluFlex includes a vibrant TV commercial, currently on air in France, showing a woman running and jumping through the city.

For more information on how LYCRA® fiber can make a difference in hosiery, click here.
*Claims made by DIM AbsoluFlex


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