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LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION : poised to make an impression

Mar 12, 2016

Compression legwear garments (medical hosiery) are well-established offerings in the medical industry where they are often promoted by their manufacturers for benefits related to improved circulation. However, they have never really been recognized by the general consumer and so have never been a hot consumer category – or haven’t been until now. A new INVISTA concept – LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION hosiery by LYCRA® brand – is set to change that.

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It combines the performance characteristics of compression fiber technology to everyday considerations such as the need to be both functional and fashion forward for every day use. In other words, it’s an innovative bridge from conventional perceptions of compression legwear to a wider, more dynamic marketplace for tights, stockings and socks that target fast-growing consumer interest in health and wellbeing.

INVISTA research has identified significant gaps between the legwear benefits consumers seek and the performance of most garments available today at retail. LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION draws on well-proved LEG CARE and FUSION™ technologies by LYCRA® brand to close them. This new fiber offering combine progressive, gentle but firm compression from thigh to ankle with pleasing aesthetics, better fit, and lasting shape retention and run resistance.

Use of the LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ brand signals for LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION products these benefits to consumers in a powerful way. Compression is seen in a new light with powerful notions of all-day vitality and wellbeing.

LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION was launched to leading brands and retailers at the recent LYCRA® FIBER MOVES legwear convention in Como, Italy.


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