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SOORTY wins innovation award utilizing INVISTA technologies

Mar 20, 2017

Key-house, an Innovation and Creativity Centre at Munich Fabric Start, has given their Hightex innovation award to Soorty Enterprises for their new Denim Active concept which incorporates COOLMAX® EcoMade technology and LYCRA® fiber. In a world where healthy lifestyles combine with busy schedules, daily outfits need that same cross-over. Garments with the Denim Active fabric can be worn while exercising, cycling, shopping or just relaxing at home.

SOORTY Denim Active concept made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology and LYCRA® fiber
The Perfect Denim for Athleisure

Made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology, the garment helps keep the wearer cool and dry by moving moisture to the outside of the fabric where it can quickly evaporate. And, since the COOLMAX® EcoMade fiber is made from 97% recycled resources such as plastic bottles, it means less material going to landfill. The addition of a special type of LYCRA® fiber provides 360 degree stretch in this light weight fabric, allowing the wearer to move freely. Denim Active combines a unique denim aesthetic with the softness and comfort of a specially engineered, second skin silhouette.

Differentiate your products by adding proven INVISTA technologies to your denim. Contact your marketing manager to find out more about the INVISTA innovations used in Denim Active fabric. 

If you want to create on trend jeans and athleisure apparel that offer unique performance benefits consumers are willing to pay more for, contact SOORTY to learn more.

LYCRA® and COOLMAX® are trademarks of INVISTA.


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