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INVISTA hosts Taiwan fabric innovations Workshop

Oct 20, 2017

INVISTA held its Taiwan Fabric Innovations Workshop in Taipei on August 24, 2017. This workshop focused on three topics: PERFORMANCE POWERED BY LYCRA® SPORT TECHNOLOGY, CASUAL BRAS FOR TODAY’S LIFESTYLE BY LYCRA® BRAND, and FIBER INNOVATIONS & DIFFERENTIATIONS. Workshop attendees from mills, garment makers, brands and retailers across Taiwan learned about the latest consumer insights, market trends, and innovations from INVISTA.

Innovations for Active Consumers

INVISTA understands that athletes and sports-oriented consumers need garments designed to optimize their athletic performance while maintaining a high level of comfort. That’s why it developed the next generation of LYCRA® SPORT technology. This revolutionary technology delivers exceptional comfort, fit and support to stretch activewear. Fabrics featuring LYCRA® SPORT technology are certified as having met clearly defined Power-Comfort-Energy (PCE™) index criteria. This enables garment makers to select fabric with compression levels tailored to fit the garment’s end use - from low-impact activities like yoga to high-impact sports like jogging. Moreover, LYCRA® SPORT technology can be combined with LYCRA® BLACK technology to offer additional benefits and enhance the fabric’s appearance.

David Capdevila (Market Development Manager, Performance Segments), lecturing at the seminar David Capdevila (Market Development Manager, Performance Segments), lecturing at the seminar

Innovations for Innerwear

INVISTA has done research that has given us new insights into what women expect from innerwear today. To meet these evolving needs, we introduced the LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ in the knowledge-sharing session. LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ aims to help customers identify the most suitable fabrics for casual bras. The goal is to improve wearers’ comfort without sacrificing support, and at the same time, enhance the functionality of casual bras.

Selecting the Right Fabric

LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ can help mill customers identify the level of comfort and support needed for different wearing occasions. For example, select an “Active” fabric for a dynamic look or for light physical activity, an “Everyday” fabric for balanced support and comfort all-day long, or a “Leisure” fabric for comfortable lounging. LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ will redefine the casual bra market by allowing designers to shape the casual bras in two different ways – natural shaping for a softer, truer silhouette, and power shaping for clearly defined curves.

INVISTA Hosts Taiwan Fabric Innovations Workshop 

Steve Stewart (INVISTA Apparel Commercial Director, Greater China)

Always Innovating

As a leader in the apparel market, INVISTA routinely performs extensive market research to identify unmet consumer needs, and then works tirelessly to develop new fibers and technology solutions to help you meet them. INVISTA maintains a presence in more than 60 countries, and its brands are recognized and trusted by consumers around the world. To see what INVISTA can do for your business, contact your marketing manager. To receive updates on news and events in the Taiwan market, please scan the QR Code provided below.

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