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Industry leaders come together to create an Athleisure style collection

Dec 01, 2017

When you work with INVISTA, you not only have access to leading brand name fibers consumers know and trust like LYCRA® brand, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® technologies, but you also have the opportunity to form exciting new partnerships with the potential to drive business growth. Recently, INVISTA collaborated with leading partners in the value chain – fabric mill CALIK DENIM and garment maker ÖZAK TEKSTİL, to create exciting new denim concept garments to pitch to brands and retailers. All of the garments featured the lasting performance of INVISTA technologies for denim.

CALIK DENIM’S Fly Jean Fabrics, new Athleisure style collection

INVISTA Innovations for Athleisure

CALIK, ÖZAK and INVISTA team held several productive brainstorming sessions where each firm shared their respective premium innovations and learned their differentiated values. This process helped the firms determine the best type of collection to create to meet brands’ expectations for the latest denim trends. The firms selected an athleisure concept, which is a perfect match for Calik’s Fly Jean fabrics which offer impossible lightness, exceptional flexibility, creamy softness. ÖZAK invested in new sewing machines to create the garments as existing denim machines couldn’t handle the special athleisure style collection.

CALIK DENIM’S Fly Jean Fabrics, powered by LYCRA® fiber

The special athleisure style collection debuted at Kingpins Amsterdam and was well received by leading brands and retailers. The concept garments combined the highly desirable performance benefits of activewear with the authentic look of denim. Featured technologies included LYCRA® fiber for enhanced comfort and flexibility, COOLMAX® technology to stay cool and dry, and THERMOLITE® IR technology for lightweight warmth.

Discover this stunning collection for yourself

If you missed Kingpins Amsterdam or Denim Premiere Vision, where the collection was showcased, it can still be viewed at CALIK Denim’s newest showroom in Amsterdam, or by getting in touch with ÖZAK TEKSTİL. If you would like to learn more about the innovative Athfeat. collaboration, please contact your INVISTA marketing representative today.

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